Thursday, May 11, 2017

Water (Hail and Swimming Pools)

What a storm we had this evening! All afternoon it just kept getting hotter and more muggy, and we all kept getting crankier and moister--and not in a good way. Finally it broke loose, and the first thing that happened was I got a call from Dave that he was not stopping at the grocery store for scallops on his way home because he didn't want to have hail damage on his new car. In the meantime, it was pouring rain up at the house, and then  the rain turned to hail. I haven't seen much hail in my life and this was a spectacular storm!

Debbie and I are both exhausted tonight--what I wouldn't give to sleep in tomorrow morning! But I bet I can get some good chillin' time  tomorrow as long as I give Debbie ap  ...? (note from the next morning: Debbie just pointed this sentence out to me and though I puzzled and puzzled, I couldn't figure out what I meant to say before I fell asleep mid-post. I fell asleep mid-post at least four times. Like I said, exhausted.)

Kaiju, our tabby cat, had decided he absolutely positively HAD to go outside about an hour earlier so he was MIA in the storm, and Jessie walked in the door after getting off the school bus minutes before the sky opened up. Debbie, Jessie, and I watched in amazement as hail and rain and god knows what else came out of the sky and slid down our roof to the deck and the ground below. At least I didn't need to worry about watering the plants today!

Today was my last ceramics class at the Art School at Laguna Gloria at The Contemporary for the quarter. Now I have to wait till next fall to throw more pieces. I did trim a bowl, and I did glaze two pieces which I then brought home as I was worried about timing for picking them up and the next class starting. I should be able to finish all the glazing next fall before my next class starts.

After ceramics, Debbie and I went back to Barton Springs Nursery where we picked up the last arbor I bought--I swear it reminds me of nothing so much as the elephant in Moulin Rouge. I have my very own Elephant Love Medley going into my backyard... Hope Dave likes it.

In the afternoon Debbie took me up to her cousin's in-laws house where they have a super cool sun-dial built into in the backyard. This evening I told Dave all about the sundial, but I didn't mention their equally cool swimming pool to him... I was truly tempted. But since Dave is getting through the whole "botanical garden" project with the mantra, "At least it's not a pool", I haven't the heart to introduce the prospect of a pool in our current design. But the coolest thing about this pool--since they were also on solid limestone like us--was that it was cleverly cut into the slope in the backyard in a way that maximized the use of the slope and minimized the need for cutting out a lot more rock and dirt.

So the question of the day is, how do I get Dave to buy into the idea of a pool?


Bill said...

Does he read this?

Brenda Griffith said...

Yes, and I forgot to warn him about the pool comment. I don't really want a pool--too much maintenance and too much environmental impact for too little pay-off. We have friends around the corner with a pool we are invited to use.

Bill said...