Monday, May 29, 2017

Scammers and Phishers In My Internet!

As is the case lately, I post with a cat in my lap. It is fraught  in terms of juggling the keyboard and balancing while hitting the keys, but it is becoming the new black. At least this cat is a bit smaller than the other one so I can put my legs a bit closer together, put the laptop over the cat, and support it on both my knees. Better stability.

Today there was also a bee post so the bulk of my brain and energy went there, but I have a small bit left for here. Tomorrow we go into the final week of school for the J with two finals tomorrow and one on Wednesday. She will be done by 11:00 on Wednesday and will officially be a sophomore. Her friends are all learning to drive this summer, but she is remaining adamant that she has no interest in driving now. Polson this summer would be the perfect place to teach her as the speed limit is a strictly observed 25 mph, Ah well, maybe she'll change her mind.

Now I'm shopping for clothes with her. It's always an experience as her modus operandi for shopping is so much different than mine. She likes TopShop, Rita Ora Dragon Adidas (shoes and clothes), and Air Jordans in burgundy velvet. She also has no problem shopping for them in Asian and UK stores--some of which don't even ship to the US. Ebay and Etsy are also good sources, but the sizing is so limited there. She hates the mall so Macy's and Nordstrom's are out. Target has nothing. We're doomed. Oh yes, and she won't wear white after Labor Day. I think she got that one from my mother. But it's Memorial Day now so white is in again! Maybe she'll wear the white shorts with the blue whales again that she insisted on getting last summer. Teenagers make me tired.

My shopping trip on the Internet ended on a fraudulent site created to mimic Solestruck shoes which I learned is out of business (the fake is at Before I figured out it was a fraudulent site, I entered all of my personal and credit card information and also Jessie's debit card number. I cancelled both cards and requested replacements within 10 minutes, but the fraudulent site had already posted a $75 charge to my credit card! Luckily I am a suspicious person (though not suspicious enough as they caught me) and figured it out before more damage was done. Chase didn't seem too interested in the site I was on, but I filed a report with Google. I thought their reply was pretty funny.

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