Saturday, May 27, 2017

Did It!

After Dave's and my date night at Vigilante the other night I have been very much back into playing board or card games of an evening--or of a morning. Today we went to breakfast at Waterloo Ice House (the teenager slept in) and we played a new game called Hive. It's easy to learn (though hard to master--it's very much like chess in my mind), quick to play, takes no set-up, and uses very little table space. Dave won one real game and I won one real game. We also each won a flawed game. And then we let the game at the restaurant and Dave had to go back for it after we got home. Wacky times.

Now the workday is done, dinner is over, and I accomplished my one task of the day. It took six straight hours of work, but I got it done. I have completely unpacked the sunroom/textile studio and put almost everything away. I ran out of storage boxes and baskets so I'll have to run to IKEA and the Container Store tomorrow, but I deserve the reward as I used a bunch of the cool boxes I bought on sale at JoAnne's earlier this spring that have been waiting in the pantry for a purpose.

The big difference today in my modus operandi was that I kept working and unpacking boxes even after I ran out of optimal storage containers for the stuff in them--and long past when I wanted to quit. Now I am left with four piles of yarn and three piles of fabric, and I know exactly what I need to buy for them so finishing will be quick tomorrow. Then the only thing I'll need to do will be get rid of the 60" LeClerc Nilus loom in there and the room will be done!

I'm glad I didn't set any loftier goals for today as I would have been disappointed and frustrated at not getting through them. Now I have one goal--and one day--done, time to look toward tomorrow. Tomorrow I'm going to clear off the things on the old classroom table in the studio and set up a beehive box and frame assembly and painting area. Then I'll start making hive bodies and frames. Monday might be a day in the greenhouse studio getting everything in there put away. But I'm getting ahead of myself. One day, one goal.

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Bill said...

Well done, that lass!