Friday, May 26, 2017


I find myself staring down the barrel of a three-day weekend and the beginning the prep for Montana in a bit of a funk. There are any number of unfinished projects surrounding me--most of them still having to do with unpacking and organizing my STUFF. Oh I've (mostly) unpacked my clothes, and I've (sort of) unpacked my shoes, but the textile studio (weaving and sewing supplies and yarn) is a mess. The greenhouse (jewelry/soap/paper studio) is a mess. The glass studio is (still) a mess. I feel like I am in Limbo...

Oh dear, this is shaping up to be one of those posts where I flagellate myself for everything I have in the air, catalog it all, and assert with enthusiasm my devout intentions to do something BIG about it tomorrow. Then tomorrow I'll disappear down a rabbit hole and end the day with nothing more accomplished than was done when I began it. Alternatively, I can see myself getting up with enthusiasm tomorrow, surveying the spaces, and deciding the best way to handle everything is to go to Target or The Container Store to acquire more vessels in which to organize and store everything. The acquiring will take most of the day and I will end with even more stuff (in the form of totes or boxes or bins) languishing in stacks waiting to be purposed.

Groan. How about I nip all the angst and self-whipping in the bud and set myself one task for tomorrow. Just one. Maybe that would break my paralysis in the aforementioned areas and set the stage for more accomplishments. So tomorrow I will... Unpack and put away all the yarn! Oh this is harder than I thought it would be. I feel myself straining to add more to the "tomorrow I wills". Just one more thing, I think. I could... But no. But yes. Okay, compromise: Most of the boxes left in the textile studio are yarn. There are also one or two with other textile craft stuff in them. Tomorrow I will unpack and put away the contents in all of those boxes. Whew! No I can go to bed in peace. Maybe after a little nip of peach moonshine.


Dee said...

one bite a day, one small task a day. and for the glass studio, tell me when you want me to come be your studio elf - AFTER dragoncon :)

Bill said...

You know, if you plan on only finishing one thing a day and you finish two, you'll really feel accomplished.