Thursday, May 25, 2017

Lights, Camera, Solar!

After months (truly months, not feels like months) of waiting and yelling and occasionally tears (me, not Dave), the City of Austin installed the meter on our solar installation today, and we started producing energy! Happy little Type A me: We not only have solar panels, but we also have the Solaredge system which means I can got on my phone and monitor the output of every one of the panels individually and the entire system together. It's not quite realtime--it only updates every four hours--but it has a cool feature on the dashboard that tells you the equivalent number of trees planted for the system's production, how many lbs of CO2 emissions you saved, and how many lightbulbs you could have powered for a day with the energy you have produced. I'm just happy it's DONE!!!

Between 4:15 pm when the system went live and 8:00 pm when the sun stopped hitting the panels, we produced 20.13 kWh! It's a 23kWh system, it'll be interesting to see how many hours the system is active tomorrow and how much we actually produce in a day. Sadly it's supposed to be partly cloudy tomorrow. I want a completely sunny day!

Most of the posting today was all about the bees. Now it's time for bed.

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Bill said...

Certainly it's time for bed for your solar panels...