Friday, May 12, 2017

La Vie est Belle

I noticed this morning that I have written more posts so far this year than I have in the past five years combined. Blogging is an extension of creativity for me so clearly Austin is very good for me creatively. Today was also a creative day in the studio. Though I only got my orders fired, I did straighten a rug. I know, you're scratching your head and thinking, "What the heck is she nattering on about a rug for?" The rug is both physical and metaphorical. It has physically been cockeyed, folded, and hanging over the edge of the step for months. I have walked over it every day--along with all the wadded up papers, boxes and crap on the floor--ignoring its state. But today, I picked up papers, threw out boxes, and straightened the rug. Had it not been so hot and late this afternoon when I finished getting the kiln load in, I would have put away stringer, rod, the last of the 5 oz jars of frit, and half sheets of glass. If I'd started really early and felt really spunky, I have unpacked the finished work and arranged it on shelves. Tomorrow morning I am going to try for that level of spunk. (Motto of the weekend: Spunk, not Funk!)

Debbie went back to Dallas this morning after a very exciting Summer Tanager sighting--both male and female!. Bird geeks and their books and binoculars are so cute. It was a good visit and I feel more energized towards glass than I have in awhile (and, hey, website almost done!). I'm so energized I pulled out the old steel butterfly wings that I have from a metal artist I used to work with and started planning to cast the glass insets for the wings. I might even get that project done this weekend so Jay can mount them in the garden.

Lots of work happened in the garden today too. Some trees and the rest of the perennials were planted. I hope the cement reinforcement in the pond walls was poured today so the liner can go in Monday, but I haven't been out to look. By Monday the arbors will all be up, the vines and roses will be placed, the rest of the trees and shrubs will be placed (I place, I do not plant--I have people for that), and the soaker hose will be placed. Next week the brass bed will be delivered and I want to get it in too. We did get one big delivery today--the new additional rainwater collection tanks for under the deck. I'm not sure how they're going to get them under there as they are 1500 gallon capacity each (thereby tripling our rainwater storage), but I have faith in Jay.

While I was in the studio today the dogs hung out with me--as did Kaiju who wanted to show his dog spirit. But when the dogs came in he decided to stay outside and be a cat for awhile. Dave looked out the window and saw him playing with a little brown mouse, and when he commented on it to Jessie and me, Jessie was out the door like a shot to save the mouse. She was successful--Kaiju apparently wasn't hungry--and the mouse (with no apparent injuries) sat for awhile in her hands and then scampered off to freedom. Now Kaiju sleeps in my lap, probably dreaming of the one that got away. I think I'll go sleep too.


Bill said...

Clearly, plenty for a cat to do. Plenty for Brenda to do, too.

Drita Harris said...

That's a really cute mouse!!!!