Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Let the Travel Begin!

Getting ready to head out for Missoula in a few minutes to catch a plane to Atlanta this afternoon so I can pack for Baltimore tomorrow and drive up there Friday. Set-up for the summer Buyer's Market is Saturday--I have no idea how we're going to do the booth in an endcap, and the retail day is Sunday--first one ever and I also have no idea what I'm going to sell so no pricing done either. Wheeee!

Pictured at right is one of the new vases Tadashi designed as a Siyeh Studio production piece. Between these vases and the new roll-ups, we have quite a bit of new work for the show--sadly no kilnformed work by me. I have neither a new shape nor a new colorway. What can I say? It's been a busy spring/summer.

Okay, time to hug everyone good-bye, and wade through security. It'll be my first time with carry-on only in quite some time. Glad I remembered the quart ziploc bag...

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Montana Has a Different Pace

Sipping coffee, listening to Harry Belafonte, and posting while a cool breeze blows through the house. Obviously I'm in Montana as cool breezes are but a memory in Atlanta right now. But here in Polson, it's 11:00 am and only about 68 degrees out. It's already been a full morning. I harvested Mom's rhubarb for the first time this year, washed it, cut it up, bagged it in eight pie-sized portions (four cups each), and popped it all into the freezer.

I got a great recipe for limoncello from Cynthia's friend Jerry while in Portland, and the knowledge of it is causing me to ponder the possibility of rhubacello... Yep. Found a recipe (or at least a rhubarb liqueur recipe--I'll use Everclear 190 as the base--and one for quince (which I grow in my garden in Atlanta). Oooh, lilikoi (passionfruit) liqueur! I may have a new hobby... When in Montana, thoughts turn from glass. Time to get back to thoughts of glass as I have a new booth for the Buyer's Market show at the end of the week to design (as Todd keeps reminding me), and a complete website to design and implement. My Siyeh Studio site was hacked last year, I took it down, and I still haven't put it back up. Need to do that so my wholesale customers can find me. They aren't so interested in Date Night, doncha know.

While I have been in Montana, the studio has been running without me--including full kiln-loads everyday (Dave is my studio boy), and orders shipping (I just hope to get through the summer without breaking Judy, my studio elf). Today they unloaded and loaded Bettina and fired her up without even calling me for the final programming instructions!


The day is over. I trimmed the herbs back, pruned the front shrubs, looked up how to patch the holes in the shower surround, and bought lots and lots of Ziploc bags. Oh yes, and I ordered cookbooks. No web work was done, no booth layout. Tomorrow is another day...