Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day

A cat on my lap displacing the laptop and making typing difficult, some night creature making a sound like nothing so much as "weeterwhit", and the windchimes in the light breeze, all set the mood for my post tonight. It was a lovely Mother's Day at Stone's Throw where I did some some needed to's, some had to's, but quite a few wanted to's. First and foremost I took a nap. Two straight hours of solid sleep and no guilt. Ahhhhh. I also played a couple of hours of Witcher. It was fun, I don't regret it, and I won't play anymore tonight. Dave plied me with food from the moment I got up (scratch pancakes and sous vide bacon for breakfast, burgers and "mango chunks poached in cardamom syrup with chai whip cream on cinnamon shortcakes"--from Dave's Facebook entry) for dinner. I am well sated.

Though I watered 1/3 of the new garden today (I have got to get the soaker system and the rest of the irrigation in!), I did not do anything with the bees. John Swann of Wicked Bees recommended doing the maintenance in the morning so most of the foragers will be out doing their thing and I have a better chance of seeing the queen and not being harassed by cranky bees. Regardless of the time of day I do it tomorrow, I will be wearing my full suit. That one cranky hive is seriously damaging my calm!

So back to Mother's Day. My child is a freshman in high school. In just over three years she will be off to college or film school or somewhere. Three years! The last fifteen don't seem like any time at all, the last one was a blink of an eye. (Didn't school just start a month or so ago?)

Another blink of an eye was the time I have been sitting here with this post open and unfinished. I started it at 9:30 pm, and it is now 1:11 am. What have I been doing, you might ask. Well, I fell down the rabbit hole that is iPhoto. I went looking for a few photos of Jessie through the years to commemorate the day, and next thing I know I have 216 photos and a slideshow. Good thing the spouse said he wouldn't be grumbly no matter what time I came to bed! Now we'll see if YouTube will actually upload the slideshow so I can embed it here. It's over 200 mgs in size (I remember my computer in 1991 had a 200 mg hard drive which was extremely large--and expensive--at the time) and it's going to take over 15 minutes to upload. Plenty of time to finish my solitaire game. Good thing almost all of the early photos of Jessie (the whole first year) are on film and I haven't scanned them yet, or this slideshow could have been an hour long. It's worth watching with the sound on...

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Bill said...

Now, that's a truly MOM thing to do on Mother's Day!