Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Quickie!

Medium mocha with an extra shot of espresso in a Kavarna go-cup, no music... is the sound system broken? Already had a call with a client, getting ready to meet  with the housesitter before another meeting from 10-11 and then taking J to a developmental opthamologist (or optometrist--I can't remember which she is) at 12:20. That's all before I get to the studio! It's a full, full, full day. Just got another big order, and I have some research and supply-ordering to do for the book. Wheeeeeee!

The two days in Blue Ridge were amazing for my mind and the book. I naively thought I'd get a lot of writing done--and I was of course incorrect--but I didn't realize how much benefit I would get from uninterrupted research and notes time. I had hours on end at the computer with no one even talking to me unless I initiated the conversation. It was heaven!

And now my next meeting is about to start so I'll put this up, and get on with the day!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Writing Again

It's been a long time since I've posted. It's been a long time since I've written. I'm a bit rusty. But today is all about writing so I am stretching my fingers and my brain by blogging--I call it writer's yoga. It limbers everything up and gets the juices flowing.

Outside the window next to me, just past the end of the deck, the trees rise through the early morning fog. The tops of the dogwoods, maples, oaks and pines are revealed in varying degrees of relief as they march down the mountain. I'd be outside on the deck soaking in the silence and the feel of the morning's still silence were the chairs and everything else out there not covered with the tangible, moist presence of the fog. Like the fog in my brain, the fog outside the window will burn off in a few hours, leaving me with the rolling vista of trees covering the Blue Ridge mountains for as far as I can see. With my mental fog gone, I will be in full writing mode and immersed in pounding out my book for the next two months. At last.

Of course I'm not in Atlanta. If you missed that, I'm a piss-poor writer and foggier than I thought. Yesterday after our silversmithing class, Becky brought Mom and me up to the Hinton cabin in the Blue Ridge mountains for a couple of days so I could forget the rest of the world and just write. The pic shown was actually taken here at the cabin, but by the security system and not during our visit. The first time I saw it I focused on the red table and chair set, but the real interest is the black object coming over the deck rail on the left...

Mom is reading and crocheting (not right now, right now she's sleeping) and Becky is working on her own projects so we are all quite content in the silence of our own endeavors. I, as I mentioned before, am limbering up and straining to see and write clearly. I left my Kindle at home and am shunning Plants vs. Zombies on my iPhone (except in the bathroom--there are limits to my self-restraint after all). I am also reading email sparingly and avoiding surfing the net unless it's for book research. Such restraint...

Though I have not been writing for the past several weeks, the studio has not been quiet. The dichroic glass from Sara has been processed into inventory (thank you Dee), one of the crucible kilns is being fitted with new lids of a modified design, and the latest Bullseye order will arrive today with Dee going down to direct the delivery and start unloading it. On a more somber note, Night Shadows, one of the studio hens, has gone to greener pastures/browner worms--or to a hawk, coyote or owl. Though we miss her, we are still getting 5-7 eggs a day so no one other than Jessie is even thinking of replacing her.

Okay, the fog outside has not burned off, but it's time for me to get on with the real writing.