Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Checking Things Off the List

What a fruitful day! The rain is over and the hot sunny days are back. I used this one to paint and stain bee hives and frames, to plant cactus, and to fire a kiln load. Well that last one didn't require a sunny day as I did it inside the studio, but I've got to say the sunshine made me a whole lot perkier! So did the bottle of Campari from 1959 that Zaga brought over for cocktails at the end of the afternoon. Yummy! Not at all like current Campari in flavor, it was strong and sweet with what I thought was a distinct honey note. The pic is courtesy of Zaga.

The first load of water was delivered for the pond today--about 2,400 gallons. I can't use the water from the well as it would likely kill the fish, and if I wanted to use water from the RO system it would take.... a very long time at 1.5 gallons per minute to produce 6,100 gallons. Today's load was just to verify the watertightness of all the drains and to situate the liner before putting the capstone around the pond and the next rows of blocks up the face of the bog pond (where the waterfall will spill naturally filtered water from the bog pond into the main pond).

The painters continue pressure washing, scraping and caulking to prepare the exterior of the house for painting. This morning was almost a repeat of the roofers on the ladder outside the bathroom window while I was in flagrante, but I was ready for them and quickly put on clothes at the first sight of guys wandering around the yard.

I finished the evening by working on the studio books. I have a lot of invoices outstanding for as far back as last August. Time to get those settled up. Tomorrow I WILL finish my website and newsletter. Now I'm tired (not as tired as I was a couple of weeks ago, but still snoozy) so it's time to go to bed.


Bill said...

Will you be going on a Campari hunt for older bottles now?

Brenda Griffith said...

Oh no! Apparently the bottle Zaga brought over is going for $350 a bottle on eBay. Too rich for me!