Thursday, May 04, 2017

An Eclectic, Creative Day

Today's kiln load
Today was my penultimate pottery class till (at least) fall. I had such high hopes for it! I arrived early--as I like to do--and got started right away throwing a piece. My goal for the day was a mug and a handleless Japanese-style tea cup. I threw the cup first and it came out beautifully. I had set out two 1.5 lb balls of clay so after I put the cup up on my board to start drying, I threw the second ball. It did not cooperate with a mug shape, but I got a nice bowl out of it (not as nice as the mug, but still) so I put it on the board too. I was on a roll! At that point I had delusions of multiple finished pieces on my last day of throwing. I needed more clay! I started rummaging in my bag of clay for two more pieces... and I accidentally squashed my mug. I was so thrown (hah, I just got that) by the destruction that the next four pieces I threw all failed spectacularly. So I ended the day with a bowl that I will trim next week. I have one piece left from last week to glaze, and that will be it. Much as I am tempted, I am not buying a wheel and taking it to Montana. This summer I am going to cast glass.

It was also a glass day here today with another kiln load going in. Tomorrow I'll ship it, and then I'll finish the website and the newsletter.

The solar company did not manage to get my system inspected by the city inspector today, I hear now it's going to be Monday. I'll believe it when I see it.

Lastly, it was another big day in the garden. I have been concerned with getting my plants in the ground as it is getting super hot during the day and it is getting harder to keep the plants watered and alive in their plastic pots./In addition, the pond walls climb higher, the path gets thicker, the stone on the beds gets higher, and the plants just keep getting planted. Jay and I also talked about putting a concrete floored pergola in by the pond with some lounging furniture. I'll think more on that tomorrow. Today I even started planting the roses and am having Devon put in an old Texas climbing blush rose over an arbor in the new area. This is going to be the coolest garden!! Maybe one last nursery stop tomorrow, and the plants will be done this year. I would like a few more lantana and Turk's Cap--and you can never have too many salvia.


Bill said...

You are planning on replacing the two "weeds", right?

Brenda Griffith said...

What two weeds?!?

Bill said...

Not weeds. "Weeds". As in the two rare plants that the doofuses removed.