Sunday, May 28, 2017

Don't Worry, Be Happy!

I had hard day today. It started well enough with tacos and Hive at Torchy's with Dave followed by a run to IKEA, and I did finally get the rest of the metal yard art I bought for the garden delivered. But then it devolved for me. Maybe it was the oppressive heat and humidity that have been building for the past few days (and which finally broke into a major storm tonight). Maybe it was the walk around the yard and garden noticing all of the things almost done, mostly done, or not done at all. Maybe I just got overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of poop I have to cleanup tomorrow since I didn't get to it today. Whatever it was, I had no bounce in my bungee and was not capable of doing anything new and productive. So I didn't! I took a day off. Tomorrow, bees. Tomorrow the rest of the plants get planted (vines and trees). Tomorrow I hope for a bounce bungee. Tonight I give up and go to bed early. Although how bad can the night be with a lapful of cats?

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Bill said...

Important to get some rest sometimes, too.