Friday, May 05, 2017

A Day Without Gardening--NOT!!

Today marked the last plant shopping. I ended up getting very few plants for the garden, but I got another arbor, a couple of bright spinny things, and a whole bunch of orchids and a few cacti. I had to call Zaga from the nursery where I found the arbor as it was nine feet tall and I couldn't fit it in the back of the car. Zaga has a pick-up so she came and brought it home for me.

Today marked another bit of monumentousnous: I decided not to do a major remodel of the bathroom. Yes, there are things that need changed--the carpet must go and we need a taller toilet as my knees can't take the current one. But the layout really isn't that bad! Sure, we need new fixtures through out. And, sure, the yellow faux marble everywhere must go, but the the changes are really minor.

Tomorrow I have a friend in from Chicago and we're going to free comic book day and out for tacos for breakfast. It is going to be a relaxed and casual day if I have to kill someone...

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Bill said...

Waiting four hours in line for comic books is relaxing???