Saturday, May 06, 2017

A Life Well Lived

Summer is here when you have friends over for the first grilled meats and corn of the season. And let's not forget the buttermilk pie! Had a friend in from Chicago come over for dinner with his sister tonight and we played Tsuro and Takenomo both for the first time after dinner. I got both games for Jessie more than two Christmases ago and we finally got them out of their shrink wrap tonight. Thank you Glenn for teaching us to play!

We also took Glenn to free comic book day at Dragon's Lair, and it was my first one ever. The line was amazingly long and no one even blinked. For comic books. Free comic books, but still! They even had a bouncy castle outside the store, a snow cone stand with free snow cones, and waiters from HopDoddy walking up and down the line with free samples of different kinds of fries. Harley Quinn was handing out water up and down the line. What a wild experience. It was so fun I had to go home and nap. Actually I sat down to read the new Patricia Briggs novel and fell asleep. Quel scandale!

Now, even though I had a nap and it's only 11:33, my eyes are closing again. Tomorrow I get to look in the hives and see about the beeeez! Now I get to sleep.

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Bill said...

Welcome to the joys of comic books. I have yet to stand in said lines myself. I'm getting to old for this.