Monday, May 22, 2017

Another Day Ends

Today saw another long post about the bees so I'm about blogged out. It feels like everything is coming to an end right now. Only natural I suppose as we prepare for the great migration to Montana and Jessie finishes up her first year in high school. Some projects here at Stone's Throw are winding down while others wait in the wings ready to be spun up--weather, time and my energy level permitting.

My big accomplishment today was getting the cactus and succulent garden half planted. I'll finish it tomorrow and post pics. I'm planting the cacti in pockets of a big, flat, limestone rock that makes up one corner of our drive. I have to be careful not to put the plants too close to the edge of the drive as everyone misses that corner and drives a bit into the bed. The propane delivery truck misses it more than a little so I out some extra big spiky rocks closer to the curve to encourage the driver to turn a bit more carefully.

Now off to join the spouse who is already long asleep and (not-so-)gently snoring. I'll have to wrest my pillow from him as he curls around it until I get to bed and can take its place. It's not a bad life at all.

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Bill said...

Maybe Dave needs a sleep study?