Monday, June 30, 2008


Coffee was in the Austin skyline mug, "Suffragette City" by David Bowie is on iTunes. I'm pooped. I dragged through yesterday, and I'm dragging through today. Four shipments to go out ranging in size from a small bracket in one to four 16" X 24" pieces with stands in another. Then there's a kiln load to cut and get into Big Bertha... and it's already 1:30 pm. Oy. Becky the Wonder Assistant has a cold so she was dragging today too. Only Jessie--who is in the studio all week as she has no camp scheduled--is perky. Nothing like a perky six year-old to make you feel really old and draggy.

The vitrigraph experiment was interesting. When I opened the kiln yesterday to take out the empty flower pot I instead found a half-full flower pot. Because of the lower temperature for the flow, we would have had to pull another couple of hours to use all the glass in the pot. Good to know. Next time I'm going to put it in early in the morning and plan on pulling around noon--rather than starting the whole process at 2:00 pm. We had a fun time loading the kiln--as shown in the accompanying video. It's all about play and experimentation here at Siyeh Studio.


Bill said...

You're not old.

You're well-aged.

Dee said...

LOL bill, that's correct, women are like fine wine :)

brenda, perky 6 yr olds should be banned from studios where the adults are dragging ;P

Dee said...

what? no video of liquid glass being drawn from the bottom of the kiln? yes i'm just now getting a chance to watch the video ;P

and you seem to be as behind as i am, are we taking bets on what time today's post makes it up to the blog? :P