Friday, June 06, 2008

When Your Only Tool Is a Hammer...

Coffee in the Denver skyline mug--in honor of my aunt Sheila and my cousin Katrina who are stopping here next week on their way to Peru, "(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes" by Elvis Costello on iTunes for Jessie (it's one of her favorite songs) in honor of her last day of Kindergarten!

Yesterday I finished updating the gallery list and the Google map on my website of locations where you can find my work. Whew! Pretty, huh? And I learned the secret html that makes weblinks open in a new page or tab--rather than navigating away from my page. I feel smug. As iTunes alternates between songs by Elvis Costello and Elvis Presley I realize that I have filtered my library by "Elvis"... It's an interesting playlist.

Today I go full gear into prep for the August Buyer's Market. I need a little more carpet (I use the FLOR House Pet in Hummingbird and love it--the squares are much easier to move and store than a roll and the purple POPS!). I also need a full set of new lights, another set of pedestals, and I am investigating hanging hardware recommended by Sara Creekmore at ACRE--a first set came yesterday and I am going to try hanging on a grid panel with it. Surprise, surprise, it's already time to order from Bullseye again--I am low on several frit colors and sizes. I think I might skip the glass this round and just go for frit.

Next week sees new help for the studio--I am meeting with a friend who wants to be my new assistant for the summer on Wednesday and getting together with Mike, another friend who gave me website work for Christmas, Monday to jump start him on Joomla and go over where I want to go on the site next. Not much firing to be done, but that's okay as it's still a bezillion degrees outside and the temps still climb.

Off to shower--get washed and dried before I get all sweaty again--have a great weekend!

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Bill said...

Oh, look, Southern California!

I wonder if it's nearby...