Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Summer Rolls On

Coffee was in the new Denver Architect series mug (thank you, Aunt Sheila!), "The Girl With the Weight Of the World In Her Hands" by the Indigo Girls on the iPod. It's a random and not particularly appropriate song, but very pretty nonetheless. Pia is in the cold room experimenting with Bullseye Glass as a pottery glass/additive. I have already been to Commerce and met Elaine this morning to pick up the steel I had ordered from Elliott Metal Works. Now I have a big kiln load to get in, photos to update on the studio website, and a glass order to get in (still). It's a day!

Later this afternoon I will take Aunt Sheila and my cousin Katrina to the airport so they can continue their journey to Peru. Dave will pick the J up from circus camp as she is taking an extra trapeze class after regular camp today. Life is Good.


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so, j managed not to need an emerency room visit from circus camp? what's she doing this week? :)