Friday, June 27, 2008

Everything Got Done!!!!

Coffee in the Austin skyline mug, "Mad About You" by Belinda Carlisle (originally of the GoGo's) on the iPod--a random selection from the studio mix playlist. So I didn't post yesterday. I'm lucky I'm posting this morning. Every day this week has entailed hitting the studio at 8:30 (as soon as the J is off to camp and D off to work), working like a madwoman till 4:00 when I pick up J, and then back in the studio till 7:30 or so to get the kiln loads in for the day. Fitting in dinner, pool maintenance, Sprout time--and a little bit of Rock Band--has taken everything I have and more. The madwoman part of the day is all about supervising the final moving and landscaping, talking to vendors, partners (other artists) and clients on the phone, and shipping. I am so tired right now I can't see straight--and it's a play day in the studio!

Dee and her friend Sylvanie are coming to try out the vitrigraph and Becky will be here to work and play some too. Her nephews were here yesterday (and will be back today) and I helped them each make their own piece (fused yesterday, to slump today).


So the day is already over and *amazing* things have been accomplished. I sit at the computer and finsh this post as Sylvanie, Dee, Becky, Patrick, Gabe and Jessie pull stringer from the vitrigraph in the coldroom. Though now that the vitrigraph is mounted in there it isn't such a cold working room anymore.

Two full kiln loads are in Bertha and Bettina and a fix fuse is in Middle ground. The garage has been completely cleaned out and almost everything has finally been moved from the old studio (in the basement) to either the new studio or the new studio shed. What an incredible week! I am going to finish with a couple of pictures of the new landscaping--I'll make a cool movie this weekend from all the footage I shot the other day.

And what a great feeling--everything I wanted to get done this week actually got done! Tomorrow, I rest. Have a good weekend all.


Bill said...

IIRC, this is the third sign of the Apocalypse.

Prepare for thy Doom!

Dee said...

well your list was accomplished for the week and we had a great time today! ;) it's good to see the basement cleared and the garage is a new place! the front yard looks wundebar - yes i'm practicing my small amount of deutch - and the interior is tightly controlled chaos thanks to becky tho' i think we may have impacted that a bit today with moving the rest of the stuff into the "mud room" hehehehe

i will be playing with my frit testing tomorrow - way too tired tonight to think about it and will send you photos of the stages of the project ;)

enjoy that pizza and champagne! ;) i have those fabulous chocolate croissants for breakfast tomorrow hehehehe