Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Back In the Studio

Coffee in the new Orleans skyline mug, the sound of the washer draining and my fingers on the keyboard for music. Becky Wang sent me email again overnight. My, she's persistent! I am meeting with my new assistant for the summer this morning, and I have a kiln load to fire (back in the hot box), but at least I found and fixed my AC problem.

Yesterday as I was walking around the studio checking to make sure all the heating and air ducts were unobstructed, I noticed that the vent in the shipping room looked to open into a great, gaping hole instead of into an air duct. I took the vent off and, sure enough, when the floor settled earlier this year, the duct had slipped out and fallen to the crawl space floor below. No wonder the house was not cooling well--I was blowing a lot of the cold air into the open crawl space below the house. I pulled the duct back up and fixed it in place, and I'm cooling right down now. When it's 95 degrees out I just have to cool the studio down with more than fans. I am being as energy conscious as I can, but the heat is just killing me.


Now Becky (the new assistant--and NOT Becky Wang) is hard at work breaking down cardboard boxes and unpacking shipments. I am going to inventory frit and get in an order, and then put the kiln load in for the day. Whoo hoo! We're rockin' and rollin' again.

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Bill said...

Brenda Griffith - Air Conditioning Repair.

Why, that could be an action/adventure movie!

I can see it now, Brenda driving around Malibu, repairing air conditioning for bikinied starlets and gray old movie stars.