Monday, June 09, 2008


Coffee in the Denver skyline mug, "(If You Were) In My Movie" by Suzanne Vega on iTunes (from the album 99.9 degrees--oh the appropriateness!). I have an almost irresistible urge to video something, anything. Good thing it's "almost" as Spielberg I ain't. Summer continues to burn here--thank heaven it's not a big glass studio day. It's Monday so it starts with a non-glass activity (ikebana). It's 77 degrees right now with a projected high of 95 degrees. I am just not going to be firing today! For once I'm glad the orders are light.

Today I spend in the AC. I'll meet Mike and do web work (I feel like the geek in the movie XXX every time I say that. Reminds me of him talking spy smack about "wet work"). Then I'll get J from Circus Camp and go for a late afternoon swim. Tomorrow is soon enough to make the piece list for the August BMAC and to order glass from Bullseye... and to fire the upcoming orders.

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Bill said...

Circus Camp?

Could you expound on that on your other blog, please?