Monday, June 16, 2008


Coffee? What coffee? That was HOURS ago. No music either--rush, rush, rush. The phone has been ringing off the hook, emails flying left and right, to and fro, heigh ho, heigh ho. I wouldn't be posting except, well, I do it everyday. So today's post comments about shipping (got to do it next), orders (they trickle slowly and steadily in), and credit card fraud. No parentheses for the last one--it gets its own paragraph.

I did a little calling around after I found all my credit card info on the Arabic language credit card fraud site. I called my clients and the other artists I know who were on the list. I also called a couple of random people just to make sure they knew what was out there. Though most of them knew there had been fraudulent activity on their cards (most, not all--one had not), no one knew from where or how. Guess EZ Pedestal not only didn't notify me, but they didn't notify anyone else either. And since they were aware of the existence of the website back in April--and that all of our personal info and card numbers was posted on it--I'm really, really surprised they never told any of us. Liability worries? I don't know. But it wasn't very honorable.

And that's today. Off to ship.

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Bill said...

Some time, I'll have to tell you the joke about honor.

Not now, though.