Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday Movie Day!

Coffee in the New Orleans mug, the sounds of the washer and dryer (it's laundry day) for music. Yes, it's Saturday and I'm posting--I think I'll make Saturday the official movie day. I missed posting Thursday last week and it's just thrown me all off.

Today's movies include an excerpt from a "show" that Jessie put on this morning for Dave and me, and the promised garden video (thanks to George Winston for his song "Reflection" from the album Winter Into Spring which I used as the soundtrack for the movie).

The rest of the "show" will trickle its way on to Stranded in the South, but the part included here (completely spontaneous and unprompted, I might add) is all about Glass Incarnate.


We finished playing with the vitrigraph yesterday about 6:00 pm. Everyone got a chance to pull and twist molten glass stringer--even Jessie (though she had to stand on the step stool and was closely monitored by three nervous women). We kept the temp pretty low (I think it never got above 1650 degrees) so we got twisty rod more than stringer--which is what the group wanted. The lower temp made for a more controlled, wider flow. The width showed off all the colors in the pot nicely. There is a good article by Phyllis L'Hommedieu in The Flow magazine winter 2007 issue about pulling glass rod from a vitrigraph that was the basis for our play.

I wanted to put up the video showing the prep leading up to pulling the rod/stringer, but the 128 mg size is making everything choke. I'll edit it down a bit and post it tomorrow. Monday I'll post the video of the glass flowing out the bottom of the kiln.



Bill said...

You need to post the first video on your Amazon site to prompt more sales...

Brenda Griffith said...

Well I don't know about promoting more sales, but I did post it up there...