Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Work and References--It's All About Marketing

Coffee in the Denver Architect series mug, the chirping of baby birds in the nest in the gallery room chimney for music. Every morning when I come in the studio I check to see if any birds have fallen out of the nest and down the chimney--as happened last year a couple of months before I bought the studio... It ended badly then and I have a horror of a repeat.

New series going out in the world today: Tropical. It has a lot of the same colors as Cosmic (which was formerly Cosmos), but it avoids the darker tones, incorporates a new blending technique, and I think really zings. Passionate is still my favorite new series for the year though.

The pieces pictured are (in order) Tropical Koi (wall), Cosmic Framed Poppies (wall), Tropical Koi Float (stand), Tropical Float (stand), and Passionate Poppies (stand). The glass in all but the Passionate poppies is 24" X 16", the Passionate Poppies glass is 12" X 18".

Notice the difference in the metal work between the koi wall and stand pieces. I wish I could get these pieces to photograph as well as they look in person. The colors are so stunning and vibrant, and there is incredible depth in the glass... but it just doesn't come across in photos. I'd be tempted to blame my poor photographic skills, but the professional photographers who have tried to capture these pieces have not fared much better than I did.

A final note on the pictures: Personally I prefer the Poppies in Passionate--I think there's too much competition between the dark glass and the dark metal in the Cosmic Poppies.

In other studio news, I ran across two articles/blog posts on Siyeh Studio and the book this week. The first is on Sustainable Living, sustainable living articles, blogs and links site on the Zimbio zine network. It was written by the Best American Arts people about The Greening of Siyeh Studio. The second is a blog post/review of A Beginner's Guide to Kiln-Formed Glass on the Hawley Studios blog.

Writing this blog post today and continuing the catalog of references to Siyeh Studio and the book on the net is part of the preparation for updating the main Siyeh Studio website while I'm in Montana for the next two weeks. I want to get all the articles written, the blog moved over, and and the online catalog of all the work done. Yes, it'll be a working vacation.


Bill said...

What's in Montana, aside from man-eating elk?

Mindy & Stacy said...

Brenda, I wordle'd your blog - doing your blog was much more fun than ours.


I don't know why I find Wordle so intriguing!


glassygoodness said...

oh-Montana-one of the states I want to visit eventually...and am lusting after the vitrigraph and the results!