Monday, June 23, 2008


Coffee in the Austin skyline mug, the sound of pickaxes hitting dirt and cars driving by the studio for music. The garden soil for the front of the studio arrives today and before it gets dumped, I'm having the workers punch drainage holes in the existing compacted soil around the elm and sweetgum trees. The studio is a multi-activity place today. I have to ship, begin the daily full-load firings that will carry through the next two weeks, supervise landscapers and assistant, and organize the production and shipping schedules for this week and next. Gaaa!

The reality of the small business person: I could have done all the paperwork and organization over the weekend, but this past weekend I chose to spend with my family and not work at all. Today I pay for it as it didn't go away because I didn't do it and now I'm trying to think and plan in the midst of the Monday morning chaos.

Now off to plan.


Bill said...

Chaos is always fun.


Dee said...

lost your paperwork elves eh? :) and i'll bet the paperwork bred over the weekend too!