Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday at the Circus!

Dancing Goats blend coffee with real half 'n' half in a big mug with holly berries, pine boughs and poinsettias on it, world music of some flavor piping out the speakers. Yup, it's a Kavarna day! It's a Kavarna day AND a day of four people working at the studio. Handy Dandy Dan the carpenter is putting up the vitrigraph kiln and the toilet paper holder in the bathroom, Capability Becky the Assistant is supervising two workers who are moving all the remaining glass from the basement to the studio and the shed...


And I'm back! I was posting quietly and then I had to run back to the studio to do a second-round task list. Dan is done and gone, Becky is finishing and going soon, and then the two guys left will be on yard duty prepping the new front beds for the garden dirt delivery on Monday and getting rid of the worst of the kudzu and crabgrass in the backyards. Studio bliss. I have a vitrigraph installed and a playdate already set-up with some flameworkers for next Friday. I need to call Licha to see when she can come and play.

This afternoon Jessie finishes week two of Circus Camp and Dave and I are going to the show at 2:00 (more video opportunities for me!). Before we go I'll finish my piece list and firing schedule for the BMAC and get the metal order for it to Bill. When we get back, I'll ship a couple of orders and fire a full kiln load--it'll be a long day, but what a successful week!

Back to work. Pictures next week of the new front of the studio.


Bill said...

I wondered whether the studio might be a front for something...


Dee said...

i can't wait to come down and see all the changes!!!! and a playdate will be very welcome for us all by then i think!