Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Penultimate Day of the Work Week

Coffee was in the stainless go-mug (it's done now), " 'Round Here Somewhere" by the BoDeans on iTunes. Got my car back from the shop this morning--Dave dropped me off there after we took the Sprout to school. It is just sliding from perfect to getting hot right now. 9:00 am. *sigh* The morning was achingly beautiful here at 8:00 and I wished it could just stay like that all day every day--70 degrees, faint breeze, hazy sunlight, deep shade from the lush trees everywhere. But no, it's supposed to get to 92 degrees today and that's just too hot to do anything outdoors (or in the studio). Good thing I'm on-line and pushing paper all day in the AC at the house.

The gallery update on the website proceeds apace--I should finish it this morning. Work yesterday was interrupted by a run to the American Girl store in Alpharetta for a Gotcha Day present for J. Gotcha Day is actually May 21 and we are just getting around to celebrating tonight... we've been busy. So tonight we have presents and cake and go to see Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull--maybe at the drive-in, maybe in an indoor theater (after all, it's HOT out there).

The most exciting news from yesterday is that my friend Jeff made me a new Goddess to replace the one that was stolen! He left the glass out of this one so I'll be forced (twist my arm) to put my own glass in it. I am so psyched and it is so beautiful. Thank you Jeff (hug, hug!). I'll post a pic when I get the glass in.

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Bill said...

I hope you survived the elevated temperatures.

Remember, it's not the heat, it's the humidity!