Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Late, Late, Late Wednesday

Geyser Peak sauvignon blanc in a stemless Riedel glass, "Brass In Pocket" by the Rock Band Pretenders (Dave on guitar) for music. It's evening, I am just ready to get in the shower, but had to post before I finished for the day. Jessie gets to lie down with me for ten minutes before she heads off to bed, and that's after I take a shower (which is next). Dave is going to bring creme brulee and something sticky (Gran Marnier?) up to bed after the J has departed, and I won't make it back to the laptop again ce soir.

Today finished the front yard landscaping (in successive trips I fit 33 bags of river pebbles--and a bezillion plants including three flats, 50 bags of mulch--and 12 boxwoods and five assorted annual/perennials, and 23 bags of drainage stone in the Odyssey minivan. Honda rocks.) There was also a kiln load and a shipment. It's late, I'm pooped. Movie tomorrow.


Bill said...

You clearly need a donkey.

Dee said...

LOL but then she'd have to mow the lawns more where the donkey fertilizes it bill ;)

so, it's fri am and there's now thurs post? :P and fri's post is due up any time, probably while syl and i are on our way down hehehehe