Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Coffee... is brewing, the perking sound is my music (though it's not technically perking as the water runs through the coffee grounds once instead of bubbling up through them as it does in percolated coffee). I have the luxury of being exact this morning. I am not haphazardly getting done as I rush to do. There is little to do so I can take my time and thought for it. Either that or I'm just procrastinating about getting over to the studio to work on the sample sets some more--they just won't die. Really, I'm going to have to make a sample set bar every time I make a regular piece just so I never have to do six simultaneous sets again. I find myself tempted to retire colorways just so I don't have to make samples of them!

Glass calls to me in all seasons but fall. Fall is given over to textiles, and this year since the old studio (the basement) has been turned into a lovely room and central living space in the house (and is coincidentally the home for the loom) I have been in a froth of knitting, preparing to weave, and buying yet more yarn on ebay. The aforementioned yarn started arriving yesterday and life is now rife with possibilities and little projects. None of this yarn is destined for sweaters, oh no. This is a couple of days on a scarf here, a couple of days on a poncho there. It would be less than a couple of days but the knitting and soon the weaving all happen in the evening and on the weekends. Glass may not call, but it still demands.

Yesterday a lovely celebratory lunch with Becky--celebrating her move on to a new full-time professional position. It still escapes me why anyone would want to take a full-time well-paid position outside the arts when there is so much room to starve in creative poverty in the arts industry. I hope the new position works out for her. In this tough economic climate people are lucky just to have the security of jobs. I am going to be glad if all the galleries that owe me for work get it paid off before the end of the year. I had another one yesterday tell me the checks (multiple, post-dated checks) are in the mail--just tell me, not ask if they could change our agreed upon terms for their initial order. I am more than happy to work with people as they go through tough times--heck, I'm still owed a couple hundred dollars by a gallery that closed several months ago (and it's getting time to have another chat with them)--but I like to be asked for terms instead of having them dictated to me.

But it's Friday. It's Halloween. It's too wonderful a day to start out being crabby about money. Take care of the people around you and the rest will take care of itself. Today is the last regular day I have to wake up in the dark till next fall (yea for the end of daylight savings time!) and I am happy.


Bill said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you are starving as an artist.

Should we send you some of Bridget's apple butter?

Bill said...

I'm so've disappeared from World of the Three Moons...