Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Till Tuesday

Coffee in the Chicago skyline mug, the furnace humming for music. The furnace is humming because it is 37 degrees outside! I still haven't turned the heat on upstairs and I might not this winter--the bedrooms stay nice and cold and good for snuggling under a down comforter. Maybe we should get a down comforter. We had one when we lived in Chicago (naturally), but we have a bigger bed now and it's small enough not to cover both sides--not a problem for me as I am the best cover thief I know, but Dave gets a bit frosty.

Dan and Dick are here this morning to raise one of the support columns for our front porch before it sinks through to China. they offered me donuts, but I resisted. I need treadmill more than I need donuts. Soon I will leave them to work and head off to the studio for another shipping and firing filled day.

Three orders go out today. Two of them should have gone yesterday but one had pieces that needed to be firepolished and I just ran out of time for the other. Today I fill at least one kiln--maybe both big ones--with sample sets. After two years of dragging my feet on them, I will finally have sample sets for the February Buyer's Market!

Tomorrow I am off to Waldorf for another morning making glass ornaments for the holiday fair with the seventh grade. It's a really light week. I could get used to light weeks like this. I actually have time to spend with my Mom. Usually she comes to visit and pull me out of whatever overcommitted hole I have dug for myself. This year I'm able to help Dave with his overwork (I am doing dishes and was doing laundry till my Mom arrived. Wow.) and still have time to get my work done and hang and chat with Mom. I love fall. I especially love this fall.


Jodi said...

37 degrees?!?!?! That's WINTER, not Fall! Ha! Well, it's been in the 90's here and I could use a little Fall myself. I'd really like to be able to stop using my a/c before November!

Bill said...

Been in the nineties in Las Vegas. Sad about your weather.

Brenda Griffith said...

what are you doing in Vegas? You live in LA!

Bill said...

We went there for medical education; we're already back.