Thursday, October 09, 2008

Thursday, Things Looking Up?

Coffee in the Alaska skyline mug. "Someone To Lay Down Beside Me" by Karla Bonoff on iTunes. Dave heads to New York tomorrow for the dress rehearsal of election night at CNN over the weekend. J begins fall break at school tomorrow with no classes Friday through Tuesday. Good thing my firing schedule is light right now. One of her friends from school and her family are off to Bermuda for the break. I wish we were going--I need a beach.

Lost two more large pieces to the contaminated clear yesterday--the replacements for the first two ruined by it. And I was very careful when I laid them out to check for any suspicious looking chunks of clear. I did find a couple of pieces of scrap that have obvious yellow streaks in them (already made into morceaux and mixed in with all the rest) so I am solidly confident I have identified the problem to be yellow contaminating one or more of my clear sheets. As the current Bullseye yellow formula darkens on firing it can be difficult (if not impossible) to see it against the irid surface. It is also reactive with turquoise resulting in brown where they touch and ruining my pieces which are in shades of turquoise and blue--no browns allowed--ordered by a new gallery.

*sigh* Remaking again and wondering how many more pieces I am going to lose to the contaminated sheet(s). Considering I cut over 20 sheets of clear irid for my work last week I am lucky to be able to identify a range of production dates the glass could have been in, and there is no chance I can come up with a sheet number. I am, however, sending the scraps I did find with yellow in them to Bullseye. Of all the colors that could be accidentally mixed in with the clear I can't think of one that could be worse than the yellow.

In answer to the question posed by the title of the post: No.

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Bill said...

The reason things aren't looking up is because you're so tall. Sit down for a few minutes, and they'll look up pretty quickly...