Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Is It Only Tuesday?

Coffee in the New Orleans skyline mug, "Joy" played by George Winston on iTunes. I am filled with joy this morning--though not for anything New Orleans oriented. That choice was incidental. Dave worked until 10:30 at CNN last night--got to love those 13+ hour days--so he doesn't have to go in right away this morning. He is dropping the Sprout off at school and then home to code for awhile. I am looking forward to a little time together, just us and our laptops. And tonight my Mom gets in from Montana for a month-long visit! Joy, indeed.

I should probably run over to the studio and turn the heat on before Becky gets there. It was really cold in there yesterday. I had to take a break in the afternoon to come home and treadmill just so I could warm up and wake up. At least I remembered to get the orchids in yesterday (it's 43 degrees out there again this morning!).

Today, firing, shipping, and unpacking glass--all the things I didn't get done yesterday. Becky gets to sort the last of the student projects into their boxes so I can deliver them to the school this afternoon. I am sure they are anxiously waiting for them.

Stacy harangued me (again!) about not posting pics from the fieldtrip, but my house is so clean I can't find the gizmo I need to transfer the files from the camera to the computer. Maybe tomorrow. :-)


Bill said...

Perhaps you can use telepathy to transmit the pictures to the Internet?

Dee said...

that's the problem with cleaning up, you can't find anything afterwards!