Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday Off Day

Coffee in the New York skyline mug (it surrendered my spouse without a fight), the sound of the washing machine for music. I bask in the bosom of my family. D is working from home today after returning from the election dress rehearsal at CNN New York late last night, J is off for Columbus Day and a spare (tomorrow too). Even Becky the assistant is taking the day off to recuperate from the Oakhurst festival--her first outdoor art fair--on Saturday. I too, am going to take a lazy day. I may fire, I may ship, I may not do more than peek my head in the studio, we'll see.

My order from Bullseye should have shipped last Friday so I am anticipating glass soon--I used all 90 sheets I got at the end of August... whew. That's a lot of glass. In addition to 90 more sheets of clear irid I am also expecting over 500 lbs of frit with this shipment. That ought to keep me for awhile. Now it's time for raspberry danish.

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Bill said...

Please wish your family well from us.