Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Tuesday Trials

Coffee in the Los Angeles skyline mug (Ren, get posting!), "Finest Worksong" by R.E.M. on iTunes. In honor of yesterday's successful treadmilling, I searched for "work" in my music library this morning and found many good songs. Unfortunately, the treadmilling was about the only success from yesterday--except for the new mermaid piece.

For the first time in a very, VERY long time the irid on the back of the Bullseye glass in my pieces reacted with the thinfire on the shelf and ruined two of three 16" X 24" panels fired on Saturday. If that wasn't bad enough, three of four 16" rounds had a brownish streak in the the clear area of the glass that wasn't there before the glass was fired. It's definitely in the sheet glass--not a contaminant on the surface, but it must have been a striker color because I couldn't see it before I fired. I assemble on white paper so any discoloration would show glaringly before the piece ever made it into the kiln.

So today I have to remake all those pieces. But before that, the dentist. But before that, treadmilling. *sigh* doesn't sound like a fun day, does it? At least the pictures are pretty.


Bill said...

Has your doctor signed off on you starting an exercise program?

ren said...

damn, i've been scolded.

Dave said...

_I_ bothered to get medical approval before starting to work out, and after being chastised a year ago for having gone a decade without a checkup. The result was that I spent a forty minutes with a very nice Eastern European woman (evidently my doctor), who was more than a bit indignant that I was taking up her time without any actual, you know, symptoms. Net result a bunch of negatives and 'try to bring down your cholesterol by eating better'. I suppose it could have been worse, but I must say it seemed like a large waste of everyone's time.

Bill said...

Dave, you must have an HMO insurance, then, because ONLY an HMO doctor would treat you that way.

Any other doctor would take it as wise for anyone to be careful about their health before starting something like that.