Friday, October 03, 2008

Friday Fusing and More

Coffee in the Atlanta skyline mug, "Ada" by the National started to play after I found it in the library for iTunes. Closer inspection revealed that iTunes was completely broken--it didn't remember that I moved the library from the laptop hardrive to the external drive--and I had to reset the location and rebuild the Library. So it chugs along rebuilding and I blog in silence. Did any of the preceding sentences make sense? The same technology that allows us to listen to any music we want with the click of a mouse also makes our lives needlessly complicated... And I just realized that the reason the Library was broken is that I renamed the external drive where it lives from "Austin" to "Missoula" so I could name Dave's new external "Austin"... I am a moron. I broke it. I fixed it too, and the National play on.

That's enough about things other than glass--today is all about the glass. I have already been to the studio to open kilns and check the status of the *four* (count them, FOUR!) firings I did yesterday. Three will be cool enough for Becky to unload when she arrives, Bettina--who is already slow to cool due to her extra insulation and the big cordierite kiln shelf--is still over 500 degrees. It'll be several hours before we can open and empty her. When I looked at her controller I noticed that the firing took over 11 hours! It usually takes 5-6. I must have maxed out the electrical consumption and created my own mini brown out yesterday.

Today I fuse, I ship, I slump, and I photograph all the cool new work that's been coming out of the kilns before it heads out the door. One of my galleries requested large oval pieces of glass (instead of rectangles) for several of the large stands, and they also wanted the Elliott Metal Works Mermaid done as a stand for another glass oval. That piece won't be done till tomorrow, but it's going to be stunning. Maybe I'll have time over the weekend to update the website with pics of all the new work.

Now time is awasting, got to head back to the studio. This time I think I'll get dressed first.

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Bill said...

If you're already browning out, what's the point in getting another kiln? Won't that just make the electricity problem worse?