Monday, October 27, 2008

A Windy Day

Coffee in the Montreal skyline mug, Music of the Spheres alto and soprano Japanese scale windchimes for music. It's a windy fall morning here in Atlanta. The weekend has ended and another week begins. I succumbed to fall madness and acquired several lots of weaving and knitting yarn on eBay yesterday as well as weaving cotton and other weaving supplies from the Village Spin and Weave online store on Saturday. Today I begin to knit a poncho for the J (why finish an old project when you can start a new one?). Next weekend I warp and weave.

I also fired all weekend--three kiln loads yesterday and one on Saturday. Today I need to firepolish two pieces I had hoped to ship (they'll ship tomorrow) and I'll finally make the sample sets I have been dragging my heels on for the past several months.

It is an interesting year. It has been a good one for me--the biggest one yet--and in spite of its goodness, by the end of this week I will finish all my open orders for the year. I have nothing scheduled for November and December. Last year at this time I was starting to prepare for the One of a Kind Show and Sale in Chicago (I'm not going this year) and when I got back from it I began the 114 pieces for Washington Mutual... and look where they are now. It wasn't my fault. I worked for Enron for 10 weeks too about 10 years ago. That one wasn't my fault either. My Mom wants me to do some work for Exxon--she's still sore that they haven't paid their fines from the Valdez spill yet. And speaking of my Mom, today's her birthday. Happy Birthday Mom! She's here visiting for a month and we're taking her out for calamari tonight.

This year, by the end of October, I'm... done! Looks like I have a perfect opportunity to get my website up to date and to finish my artist ERP system. Or maybe I'll sleep a lot. Or read. Or weave. Nope, I'll do the website and the ERP. Really.


ren said...

oh! i didn't realize you were a weaver too! i just spent the day at a historical recreation type museum where my mom is the spinner and the weaver. she's just learning but she's having fun with it.

and it was just her birthday too! yay for moms! happy birthday to yours!

Bill said...

Sure you will, now that you've acquired yarn and so forth. Do you have a wheel, to spin?