Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Frustrations

Coffee in the Los Angeles skyline mug, the answering matching message for the City of Atlanta solid waste division in my ear for music. My recycling wasn't picked up again this week and this time the cardboard is all soaked form the rain and the lid from the bin was halfway down the street in front of the bus stop because someone went through it looking for aluminum cans and just tossed it off. Already this morning I have misplaced my big, cosy black sweater, broken a chopstick and discovered a box that should have shipped to a new client on Monday that didn't go out. Ho boy. The day can only look up.

Firing will warm up the studio, two other orders will ship, and another big load of Jessie's Jewels will be fused today. Tomorrow I sleep in--though it's a work day for both me and Dave. The poor spouse has to work 8:30-5:00 tomorrow and Sunday and the same for both days the following weekend (and every day in between--if not more). Neither of us can wait till this election is OVER!

Next week I take my studio on the road and do another ornament session with the Waldorf 7th graders. They are going to figure out what they want to do and I'll take all the materials and tools and we'll work in their classroom Wednesday morning making pieces to sell. They kept everything they made last week and need to make some ornaments to sell at the holiday fair.

Now off to ship and put in another supply order from Hoy's. Happy weekend!

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Bill said...

May your rain stop, the sun come out, and everything brighten up!