Thursday, October 02, 2008

Thursday Begins in Commerce

Pike's Market coffee in the Starbucks travel mug, "Ain't no Mountain High Enough" by Marvin Gaye morphing into Frank Sinatra, followed by Buddy Holly and the Crickets... I am at Starbucks in Commerce waiting for Bill to bring me a whole bunch of metal. I think I have just enough battery left to post--my borged out system takes considerably more juice than just the laptop does.

Production goes apace and I hope to be completely caught up by Monday. Sadly, I will need to fire some this weekend to make that goal, but being caught up will be worth it! Thanks to the 20 sheets of glass I blew through for this week's kiln loads, I need to get another order into Bullseye by tomorrow. I think I'll up my order to 120 sheets this time. I can't even begin to imagine how much frit I'm going to need... And this time I need to remember to ask my rep NOT to have the entire shipment banded together. The last order I got was over 1500 lbs and the driver and I together couldn't get it on the pallet jack and off the truck (the truck was parked on a tiny incline--just enough so that I had to get a couple of guys from the autobody shop across the street to help unload).

Good things were accomplished yesterday on the ERP system. Too bad I won't be able to market and sell it, but I think it's too mesyncratic (like idiosyncratic, but more personal and less Greek). Ah it's good to sit in the sun and listen to Elvis guilt-free. Even if I were back in the studio there's nothing I could be doing as all three kilns are too hot to unload. So I'll post, work on the ERP system until my battery dies, and then read from my Kindle as I wait for Bill. I'm all technology all the time!


Bill said...

Maybe it's time to buy or rent a forklift for delivery days?

Dee said...

LOL you are almost as gadget prone as syl! ;)