Monday, October 06, 2008

Fall On Me

Coffee in the New Orleans skyline mug, "Falling In and Out of Love" by Pure Prairie League on iTunes. I am my own Genius today and did a search on my music library for all the songs related to "fall". It's Monday morning, the start of the week (ooh, now I get "Goodbye I Love You" by Firefall from "Elan"--we're in the older section of the library apparently). Today is another big shipping day--probably the last one of the year. Orders are tapering off, which is just fine as I am ramping up to doing ornaments with the 7th graders at J' school for the holiday fair, and then helping them come up with and execute their own personal projects. So many possibilities, so little time!

I am also preparing to wish Becky good luck and good bye (just as an assistant, not as a friend--though I do also wish her good luck as a friend) at the end of the month as she embarks on a new full-time job. I shall be assistantless again, but it'll all work out. It always does. ("Fall On Me" by R.E.M.--I may have to save this playlist!)

With all the will in the world I did not get the Chanukiote designed for the Jewish Museum of New York again this year. Time trumps will every time. I think the best thing to do is just keep working on them so I'll have them for next Buyer's Market. ("Tourniquet" by Evanescence from "Fallen"... I think that's all the possible axes for "fall": song title, artist, album with 36 more songs on the list.) If I take both the Chanukiote and an apple and honey plate--done by February, Elise might forgive me for not having them (again) this year.

The post today ends with inspiration--it's not glass and should arguably be on Stranded in the South instead of here, but, whatever.

On Saturday I saw Stacy for the first time in a few weeks and I was amazed: This weekend she will realize her goal of going from couch potato to 5 K and she looks fantastic! Sure, she's lost weight and toned up (exercise will do that to you), but more importantly, she *glows*. I was completely awestruck at how great she looks.

Closer to home, my own spouse has taken up the sledgehammer (also known as the shovelglove) and his upper body now has dents in it. No, no--not from dropping a sledgehammer on it, but from the workout carving out and defining his muscles. He's been at this for three weeks now (in addition to lunchtime walks carrying a big weight in his backpack) and, like Stacy, is looking awesome--he glows too! I told him when he started that if he got in shape I would get up off my lazy behind and follow suit. Both he and Stacy have me so motivated that I actually walked on the treadmill yesterday and did my own sledgehammering! This morning I'm going to treadmill in jammies before getting dressed and heading to the studio. Thanks Stacy and Dave!

The post ends to "Fall Down" by Toad the Wet Sprocket from "Dulcinea" on the playlist. Pictures of the new koi, and float ovals and the first mermaid piece tomorrow!


Bill said...

Well done, Dave!

Especially in managing to motivate your spouse!

Mindy and Stacy said...

awww! so glad i could "inspire!"

Dave said...

I'll note in passing that I dislike the term "shovelglove" and am attempting to popularize "redneck mace" instead. That said, it does seem to be a very good fit for me as an exercise program.

Dee said...

now i'll have to get isnpired by y'all ;) go brenda! we're supposed to have more energy when we exercise which you will need with your fall schedule hehehee