Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Otherside

Coffee just finished brewing-need to run get some, "Otherside" by Red Hot Chili Peppers on iTunes--like yesterday by pure random chance (well, within the confines of the Chili Peppers playlist). Again appropriate as I am on the Otherside Of the Postcard! It only took *six hours* yesterday to design it. I futzed and I putzed and I putzed and I futzed. Every time the phone rang I barked at the caller and told him/her I would call back tomorrow. Now if Image Media follows through on their promises, the Rosen Group will have my postcards in time for the cooperative mailing next week--and I will have postcards to hand out at the Atlanta's Mart show. I look at it and see a couple of things I would change, but I give a philosophical shrug and move on. I just hope the font on the back doesn't have raggedy edges or it was a wasted effort. (Image Media only accepts pdf and Photoshop [of the formats I can produce] and I work in Canvas--the export to pdf looked a bit squodgy [skwo-jee]).

Today shipping, and firing, and shipping and more firing. I managed to scrounge up a dusty old sheet of dense white to use for one last Christmas gift and, wouldn't you know, it doesn't react with French Vanilla! Maybe it was a sheet of curious, or maybe the formula was changed between 2004 (when it was made) and now. I suppose I shouldn't even say it was old. I was talking with Patty from Bullseye a week or so ago and I randomly (randomness plays a large role in my life) pulled out a sheet of Bullseye glass to check the data on it and it was made in 1988. Oy, I hold onto things forever! But it's not like it goes bad, right?

One last note and then off to the studio to meet with the two Beckys. I met with Becky the accountant yesterday and she has me just about completely convinced that putting EVERYTHING into Quickbooks will meet 90-95% (my numbers, not hers) of my needs. I was telling Dave this over sushi last night and that I would probably abandon the ERP system in favor of Quickbooks as my development window (December) is almost over with no progress made. I said it was too bad as I had all the workflow and datamodeling sketched out. He said it would only take him about 15 hours to do about 90-95% of it in Grails with the workflow and datamodel sketched out--and it would be web-enabled so I could access it from anywhere... Now I have a quandary. With the Quickbooks solution I will still have to manage my production cycle separately (firing schedule, frit inventory, and maybe mailings). With the ERP system I can manage my business entirely in it, but I'll still need QB data and entry for my accountant, account reconciliation, expense management, etc.--lots of double entry. Oh the choices!


Bill said...

Husbands are so helpful, aren't they?

Mindy and Stacy said...

Do you like your accountant? We are looking to make a switch and we want somebody small and local.

Dee said...

hmmm wonder if data can be exported from the erp system in a format qb likes so you can just import and only do data entry once?

Veronique said...

Dee that is definitely the aim!!! However the system ends up working I am a very strong believer in entering data only once and manipulating it as few times as possible but the more who tell Brenda that the better:-)

Stacy - I think Brenda likes me:-) whether she thinks I am a very good bookkeeper? Well you might have to wait a few weeks to find out! When you say accountant - are you looking for a CPA to do to your tax returns etc or are you looking for somebody to keep your books up to date (but still have a CPA work on tax return and year end financial accounts)?