Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Twas the Day Before Christmas and All Through the Studio

No coffee, no music, what kind of Christmas Eve is this? I intended to post yesterday as I was in the studio firing, but my fingers were too numb to type--it was 36 degrees in there when I started my day. I think it was warmer outside by then. It had warmed up to 46 (after the furnace had run full-blast for a couple of hours) by the time I left. These old southern houses were not built for cold weather. They have lots of air flow, which is great in the summer when you want the hot air to rise out of the chimney, but it's, shall we say, less than optimal in the dead cold of winter. But enough whining. It's not like I wasn't prepared for it--I wore two big sweaters layered and a scarf over. Just wish I had me some of them fleece crocs... (wink).

I thought I'd write a Day Before Christmas post this morning, but I lack the energy. So then I thought I'd fall back on a Stranded post from last year, but it turned out to be the day after Christmas *two* years ago. Whenever and whatever, it's better than anything I could come up with this morning. But back to glass, glass incarnate. There will be firing today, and the continuing Christmas present crafting (I decided yesterday to knit scarves for a Jessie's friend Grace and her American Girl doll). There had also really better be some photography and postcard design or I am not going to have a card ready for the Buyer's Market's co-operative mailing program (they have to have my printed postcards no later than January 5).

Compartmentalizing. It's all about compartmentalizing. Dave did it before the election. Every time I asked him about doing something or making a decision for something that occurred after November 4 he told me that that was negative time and we could talk about it after November 4. Basically, for him there was no time after November 4 until after November 4. I feel much the same about Christmas, and then about the January shows, and then about the Buyer's Market, and then about ACRE, and then about BECon, and then about Summer Camp and everything else. If I had to look at it all at the same time and plan it out, I'd go blind and my brain would burst.

A friend just called, her car won't start, and she needs a jump so I am wrapping up here and heading out. Have a safe and warm Christmas everyone, hug the ones you love and give thanks for them. The rest, too, shall pass. (And thanks, Ren, for all the goodies that came yesterday! Christmas music and Guinness truffles--I'm guessing, huzzah!)


Bill said...

Happy holidays.

Enjoy your Kwanzaa, while you're at it...

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to all and have a great New Year!!

The Farrar's

maria said...

I have been working in a studio at 45 degrees for 2 weeks now....the furnace went down and hasn't been replaced yet.....and yes, fleece crocs on a concrete floor have helped tremendously! Merry Christmas to all!!!!