Friday, December 05, 2008

Finally Friday

Coffee in the Los Angeles skyline mug, "Talkin' At the Texaco" by James McMurtry on the iPod. On the Ipod (as opposed to on iTunes) means I'm already at the studio. Wow. Not even 8:30 and I've trekked two loads of stuff over already. Why am I here so early in December with all orders shipped? Tomorrow is the Taylor Kinzel glass show and Patrick is coming to the studio this morning at 10:00 to pick up my new work for it. With the best will in the world I still don't have it all done, but I have a good selection to send with him, and I'll take the rest of the pieces up with me tomorrow after they've slumped. The details are in the pic at left, you'll need to click on it to see it though.

Carried the box of donuts over from home this morning thinking I'd have the last couple with my coffee while I blogged. Here's a hint: Entenmann's "Softees" aren't so soft after a week or so. Hard a rock. Really. Well, maybe only hard as wood. They crunch. (Why are you continuing to eat them then?!?). I'm hungry. I'm lazy. I'm busy. They're here. They're not green.

I'm glad I said "details and photos soon" in my post yesterday referring to the new work with Todd. If I'd said tomorrow I'd have been sorry and embarrassed as there's no way it's going to happen today--too much to do before 10:00. Got work to catalog, lists to make, whips to crack over... no one. The studio is empty for the day but for me and Baxter the spaniel. I guess I could crack a whip over him, though he would just ignore me in his sanguine spaniel way.

Happy weekend all. Time to start making those Christmas, Hanukkah, solstice and other holiday presents!

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Bill said...

Feed spaniel donut and save your life!