Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Nine Days and Counting

Coffee in the Denver skyline mug, "O Thou Joyful Day: O Little Town of Bethlehem" performed by Liz Story on iTunes. The day is full of glass, one might even say it's incarnate. I have two full big loads of last-minute-can-we-get-them-by-Christmas orders. While I'm happy for the work (and the income), I too have my own can I get it (done) by Christmas issues, and the answer to my question looms increasingly dubiously. But no whining. I'll knuckle down and get what I can done. I finished two scarves--one knitted one woven--for gifts yesterday. If I didn't have to ship anything I would be golden. Ah well, no time to worry, just do.

Funny story I forgot to share yesterday: Sunday afternoon at 3:00 as I was weaving, the home phone rang and the call was from a phone number I did not recognize in Tacoma Washington (I love caller id). The caller was a very polite man who had bought my book and wanted to ask me how to make one of the pieces shown in the book--a bowl I named Cailleach's Cradle. The blue lace wall sconce is based on it, but the instructions for the bowl are not given. He was reverse engineering it and thought, since my phone number is openly published with directory assistance, that he'd just call to get some things clarified. I gave him detailed instructions and wished him well. I wonder if Stephen King gets calls like this. Or Dr. Mike Adler. He's a famous author too.

Yesterday ended with a little impromptu open studio, and as soon as the attendee comes to review her pieces this morning before I slump them (I'm shipping one of them for her tomorrow and she needs to pick which one of the three she made she wants to) I'm heading down to Todd to drop off more glass and pick up more ornaments and jewelry. If I'm really lucky I'll have a little time to work on my Christmas presents after that. Ho ho ho. We'll see.


Bill said...

It's nice to know that your work has actually stimulated someone to try their hand at it, isn't it?

ren said...

i think i am gonna start just randomly calling you to ask you how to do things...