Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thought I'd Forgotten To Post, Didn't You?

Not drinking anything, not listening to anything. It's late. Baxter bit a hole in the babysitter's shirt tonight. *sigh* It was a very full day with feet running from the second they hit the ground this morning. I took a day off from glass today to bake cookies with my friend Becky H. It's been about four years since we last did this, and I have to say the cookies are always better in memory than in reality--I am spoiled by my abundant access to professional pastry chefs.

We each baked two batches each of three kinds of cookies for 12 batches of cookies which we greedily split into big ziploc bags at the end of the day. I chose peanut butter thumbprints with milk and dark chocolate kisses, Mexican wedding cakes, and spritz (butter press cookies). Becky chose anisette crisps, key lime filled cookies, and gingerbread cookies. We have bags and bags each, and the kitchen is clean again!

Towards the tail end of the baking session I had open studio for two seventh graders and one of their mothers. It was--again--a lot of fun and I need to find a way of incorporating the practice into my regular studio day. Sadly I did not get pictures--even though I told Mike Z. who is working on my website for me that I would. Tomorrow. I have another session scheduled tomorrow and I'll remember then.

Just after Dave came home from work, the open studio ended, Becky and I finished baking, and Dave picked up J from school (but a bit before the babysitter arrived for the evening), another friend dropped off his dog for us to watch for a few days while he is out of town. Dave called the whole thing writhing chaos, and, much like "Shakespeare in Love" and my usual business day, it all turned out fine but how it did is a mystery.

Tomorrow I take another batch of glass to Todd, fuse the two orders I got today, prepare a piece for Patrick from Taylor Kinzel to pick up, deliver open studio pieces to school, and preside over another open studio for two. It will be a fun, exciting, rewarding, exhausting day--just like today.


ren said...

way to randomly name check "shakespeare in love"!

mexican wedding cookies...i like those. save me a few.

Bill said...

Don't forget!

Anonymous said...

Hey Brenda

You mean to say you don't think my cookies are professional quality???

Just kidding I know they are not just glad they are edible this time - 4 more years in the US and I can just about make edible cookies!!

We ate all our Mexican Wedding cookies - they are all finishd and we didn't give any away. They were everybody's favourite.

Becky H.