Monday, December 01, 2008

Thanks Be That It's Dec

No coffee (just the thought makes me ill), Seraph munching kibble for music. Baxter isn't munching kibble. He's sitting in his kennel raptly staring out the window, attention fixed on the squirrels munching on the deck. They taunt him, as squirrels will do. He wants to munch on them, as spaniels will do.

I give thanks that Thanksgiving weekend is OVER, and that the most strenuous things I need to do today can all be done from a comfy chair. Between Jessie getting strep AND an intestinal virus AND a possibly breaking her foot--and then passing the intestinal virus on to me... Well, suffice it to say we've been pretty miserable here.

It's Dec 1 (pronounced deece). Dave says that a lot; Dec 1, Dec 10, Dec whatever. I don't remember any Novs, and there were certainly no Octs... I'm rambling. Delirious with the almost lack of pain perhaps? But to the point. It's the first of December which means I am staring down the barrel of the Taylor Kinzel glass show this weekend, a meeting with my accountant to go over my books on Friday (I haven't entered anything for the year yet), and a list of the work I will need from Black Cat ArtWorks (formerly Elliott Metal Works) for the Atlanta and Dallas shows due today.

Yesterday as I wallowed in bed in pain, I realized that I can no longer comfortably rely on the foamcore wall and pedestal display system I used at shows before teaming up with Black Cat. A significantly large percentage of what I plan to show in Atlanta and in Dallas is the collaborative work with Black Cat. It needs to be hung on the walls and needs a heck of a lot more than foamcore to support it. I scramble today in my newfound lucidity to design a display that will a) support the work, and b) fit in the minivan. In our current display (the foamcore and gridwall set-ups that we store in Philly and in Vegas), each 2' wide gridwall panel weighs 24 lbs. I can't see loading up enough of them for a 10' X 20' booth into the minivan... the tires would explode. Then there's also the expense. I need another solution.

And that's what's cookin' today. Now off to give the Sprout her Amoxicillin.


Bill said...

I'm sorry to hear that the household has got the bug. Gatorade to the rescue?

Dee said...

good lord, can't y'all get one thing at a time??????? maybe y'all will be totally disinfected by next week! then maybe sombra and i can come down ;P and i hope dave got y'all a case of gatorade! blech! i'll bet he was glad to go to the office monday ;P