Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

Diet Coke was in the can when I started this post, but that was before I had to talk to the City of Atlanta Dept of Watershed Management because we have no water at the house, and before open studio started, and before I had to get an order (instead of three orders) shipped. Two orders need further firing. A friend needs an investor for her business and I said I would call someone I know who might be interested. And it's sitter night (with no water). And and and AND! Brain full. It has NOT been a good day.

Not that nothing good happened--Bill made me a gorgeous 15' long display wall for our stand pieces at the Atlanta's Mart and the Dallas Finds shows. We got it broken down and loaded in the van... and then the day went to... heck.

Now I go to bed (it's many hours since I started this post). I'll catch up tomorrow

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Bill said...

Water! Water!