Friday, December 26, 2008

Woe, Woe!

Coffee was brought to me in the Barcelona mug, I lost it without ever having taken a sip. It's somewhere in the house, but I have searched every room--2-3 times. I ended up pouring another cup in the Denver mug. No music. 'Tis the day after Christmas and life is a mess, though better for me than for others, I guess. And that's as much as I'm going to attempt to rhyme.

So far today there has been no glass. There has been a massive house straightening--and the aforementioned loss of the coffee--and I have dropped and irreparably broken my Kindle. Now it's time to cut my losses and get on to glass.

The last gift I made for Christmas this year that I couldn't mention on the blog (because my spouse reads it) was a backsplash for Dave for our kitchen. It's one solid piece of glass 30" X 20" of white-backed Morceaux de verre Trout (it has black speckles in it which this pic does not). Photos to be posted when it gets installed.

One last rant before I go off to make the LAST ORDER OF THE YEAR and prepare the first firing of pieces for the Atlanta and Dallas shows. Last week UPS did not bother to come and get a pick-up I had scheduled for orders that were requested by Christmas. That story ended ok--though the local service center never called about it, apologized about it, even acknowledged it (though the customer service representative said they would)--as the packages were all delivered before Christmas. However I overnighted an envelope to Montana on Tuesday with guaranteed delivery on Wednesday... and UPS just left it their facility in Kalispell after it arrived at 1:48 pm. They didn't even try to deliver it. When I called to ask what happened, the representative said she was very sorry, she had no idea why it hadn't been delivered, and sadly, she was unable to process my request for a refund of the overnight fees because they don't guarantee anything between 12/22 and 12/25. I would understand if the delay was weather-related. I don't expect them to cover Acts of God. However it was beautiful, clear and sunny in Montana when the package arrived and it arrived in the middle of the day. Did people just decide to knock off early that day?

I slough off the Kindle woes (the replacement will arrive Monday). I slough off UPS (they are as dead skin to me). I buck up, cheer up, mount up and start firing glass. Glass always makes me happy. May You and Yours be happy too.


Jodi said...

I'm sure some would read this and say, "OMG. HOW could someone lose their coffee?" I so completely understand. I have lost so many things lately that I'm beginning to feel insane.

Merry everything to you, Dave, and J.

Bill said...

Oy! A Kindle! How could you DO that???

stacyr520 said...

UPS did not deliver G's American Girl doll either on Christmas Eve. I was also "overnight delivery." I say a revolt is in order.