Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Monday New Year!

Coffee in the Los Angeles skyline mug, "Otherside" by Red Hot Chili Peppers on iTunes. How randomly appropriate. I have moved to the otherside of Christmas--one major event down, one (two combined) to go. "How long will I slide... I don't believe it's fair..." So say the Chili Peppers, so it goes.

Got lights for the upcoming shows on Friday. I still need to put together the gorgeous back wall display that Bill from Black Cat ArtWorks (fka Elliott Metal Works) made for me to take to the shows so I can paint it. I think I'll get the spouse to help me with that one. I also have to figure out how to hang all the hanging work on the foamcore walls. Oh yeah, I also need to *get* foamcore walls for Dallas. There was no one at the Dallas exhibition services to help me with that on the 20th when I was getting the rest of my forms in. Hope I have better luck today or I'm in Barney (rubble... trouble).

I also hired a bookkeeper on Friday and she comes today to begin the task of desnarling my mess. Now there will be two people working in the studio named Becky. Maybe it should be a policy that your name has to begin with "B" in order to work there... or maybe I'm still groggy and delirious from a night of glass dreams (glass shows, glass display, glass production, swapping out glass from galleries, etc.). I am lucky that she is also a friend and is giving me her non-profit rate. Or maybe that's not so lucky--let's hope it's not prophetic.

Worked on the postcard last night. I think I can get it designed, submitted and proofed before 3:00 today meaning I can have it in time for the Buyer's Market mailing program--if I can get them to let me split the shipment and have it delivered to two addresses ground. I looked into just having it overnighted, but the UPS charge the postcard company lists for overnight from Florida to here for a box of postcards is $209. I think not.

Fired a full load yesterday, two to do today. Also cleaned the studio big sink and the top of my desk. Wow. Other people may wait till January 1 for the new year to begin, but for me it's the Monday after Christmas. My loins are girded (or they will be once I've gone upstairs and performed the morning's ablutions and dressed) and I'm ready for it.

Shown are some of the new gem drops and gem stake drops from Todd at Bentwell Metals and me. Happy New Year everyone!

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Bill said...

Hit the ground, running, and take that hill!