Thursday, January 01, 2009

Five Days... And Counting

No coffee (shudder--just the thought is repellent. Too acidic after a champagne-filled night), the burble of the new air filters in the fish tank for music. New Year's Day, traditionally a holiday in the US, will not be a day off for me--not with set-up for the Atlanta's Gift Mart starting Tuesday. Today I fire two big kiln loads and Dave is going to help me set-up the lovely back wall display Bill (from Black Cat ArtWorks) made for me so Becky can paint it tomorrow.

Though most details for the two upcoming new shows are taken care of (I got the foamcore walls for the Dallas show confirmed and I got a hotel room purchased on Priceline), there are still a couple of things that caused me to wake with a heart-pounding jolt this morning. A month or so ago I felt very smug to find the Houtz and Barwick aluminum director's chair available on the web again and I ordered one (direct). A week or so ago I realized I had never received the chair so I tried to call the company. All their phone numbers were disconnected, there was nothing on them at all in directory services. Fortunately they didn't charge my credit card either, but I was out a chair. I meant to find and order another one, but I forgot until 9:30 this morning when the remembrance woke me from a sound sleep.

So today there will be a chair acquired and a reminder sent to Taylor Kinzel that I need my pedestals back by Monday. Tomorrow, when the rest of the retail world is back to work, I need to find two large white plastic buckets with lids, a couple of bags of sand, and two big beautiful ferns to display the Bentwell Metals' Gem Stakes.

For now I should call to see if my child is ready to come home from the sleepover she went to last night. I should. Really I should.


Bill said...


How about a beanbag chair!

Now, that would be memorable!

Brenda Griffith said...

And uncomfortable. And impractical. I would be lounging on the floor and all the buyers would be looming over me. I am not used to being loomed over, and I don't like it!

Dee said...

and when did you finally get around to collecting your child? :)