Saturday, December 06, 2008

Open Studio!

Coffee in the Denver architect series mug, the sounds of spouse cleaning kitchen for music punctuated by the sprout asking if Alexander Graham Bell is a real person (He's in Magic Treehouse). The web is a wonderful tool. My book has been reviewed on eBay, twice! What a nice start to the weekend. (Is Dr. Pasteur a real person?)

The not-so-nice start to the weekend was the previous hour and a half I spent on Quickbooks. Yep. we're at THAT time of year again. I, Brenda Griffith, do solemnly swear that I will not leave all my bookkeeping till the end of the year ever again (again).

Orange rolls for breakfast--Dave and the sprout both just affirmed (out loud) that they will not burn them or turn them into asphalt (again). I will never live that down. Ahh, the soft wafting scent of pastry and melting frosting.

Today is the Taylor Kinzel Glass Show, and then next week it's full steam ahead into Open Studio Afternoons for the Waldorf 7th graders. One of the parents called me yesterday to ask if it would be possible for her son to make some more ornaments to give as gifts. I had been considering starting an open studio program so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to pilot it.

From 3-5 every weekday for the next two weeks the studio will be open for up to five people at a time to make ornaments, small plates and bowls that I will then fire and deliver to school for them. I have set the costs for the pieces very low for the pilot program, and it is initially just open to the 7th graders as they have already been to the studio and know the procedures and safety rules. They can bring family and friends if they are willing to sponsor them (show them the ropes and mentor them through). I will be in the studio, but I won't be hands on teaching as I do not have the time right now.

Depending on how the next couple of weeks go, I may put together a permanent set-up for open studio and start a formal program. I certainly haven't been using the gallery room in the studio as a gallery. Might as well make it a teaching space that can host gallery events as appropriate.

Now off to get the last work out of the kiln for the glass show and then primp. I'll shower, dress nicely, and maybe even wear make-up! Oh yeah, and I'll brush my teeth.


Bill said...

Maybe you'll end up with an apprentice out of it all?

Dee said...

snort! you'll do your books as timely as i do next year ;P we tend to prefer the creative part of this and not the boring paperwork/data entry part ;)